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Neales Waste Management – The Three Fishes

Neales Waste Management

Public or private sector, multi-national or family business, Neales can help you to lower your waste management costs and improve your environmental performance.

We have developed a culture of effective environmental practice across our operations allowing us to anticipate and respond to changes in environmental legislation promptly.

Neales are strongly committed to sustainable development by preventing pollution, safeguarding the natural world and protecting public health and safety.

We are a UK waste management & recycling provider offering a range of services including recycling of industrial waste , hazardous and special waste disposal services, onsite services, commercial waste management services  and recycling service for old computer disposal .

Neales Waste Management

Old Computer Disposal

  • Neales provide a W.E.E.E compliant recycling service for old computer disposal. Contact our technical waste department for details of our old computer disposal service.
  • Contact our technical waste department for information about hazardous and special waste disposal. Neales Waste Management provides a full range of hazardous and special waste disposal services in line with requirements of current waste legislation.
  • Neales only use computer recycling sites which operate in full compliance with W.E.E.E regulations.
  • Neales provide a service for the recycling of industrial waste.

Neales Waste Management

Uk Waste Management & Recycling

  • Neales Waste Management, are a UK waste management & recycling provider.
  • Neales waste management UK offer a range of services including recycling, hazardous waste services, onsite services, commercial waste services and industrial waste services.
  • Neales Waste is one of few UK waste management companies who provide total waste management solutions.
  • Neales Waste Management is a UK waste management company accredited to the environmental standard BSI ISO 14001 and quality standard 9001. This is a unique feat for a UK waste management provider.
  • Neales Waste Management is one of a few independent waste management companies operating in the North West who offer businesses a total waste management solution.
  • We offer a comprehensive waste management service including onsite waste recycling and segregation for larger waste producers.