O-Ring Manufacturer and O-Ring Supplier

Elastomer component design is what Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) operates at on the forefront O-Ring Manufacture. Recognized over 30 years now, we are O-Ring Manufacturer and O-Ring Supplier for high performance moulded rubber seals to a variety of industries around the world.

Beginning with standard and non-standard O-rings operating in extreme temperatures and chemically cruel environments, to tailored custom-designed industrial mouldings in high specification equipments. PPE has the expertise to provide the most cost effective solutions without compromising performance.

Seal design engineers, FDA seal &
High pressure seals

PPE’s team of seal design engineers are easily accessible to assist customers with component design and material development. Supported by extensive laboratory and materials testing capabilities, the PPE technical team can also provide detailed failure analysis reports on existing seals and suggest possible solutions. If you are a seal design engineer and can not seem to find the ideal sealing material or design for your application, the PPE seal design engineers can develop it for you.

O-Ring Manufacturer and O-Ring Supplier

Silicone o-rings & national o-ring

Silicone o-rings are commonly used in food, brewing, pharmaceutical and aerospace applications due to their high and low temperature capability. Silicone o-rings are available from PPE in a variety of colours and hardness, in any size, with a choice of peroxide or platinum cure, many grades are compliant with various regulatory requirements such as FDA, USP Class VI, WRC and 3-A. Platinum cured silicone o-rings offer high levels of purity, and in the brewing industry this has the advantage of eliminating the risk of tainting the taste of beers, a common problem with standard silicone o-rings and seals.

USP Class VI O-Ring

USP Class VI o-rings and seals are often required when sealing equipment within the pharmaceutical industry. USP Class VI is a standard published in the National Formulary (USP-NF) by the United States Pharmacopeia. O-rings and seals compliant to USP Class VI are often requested by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and end users of pharmaceutical equipment. Testing for compliance to USP Class VI involves an assessment of the effects of the material and extractables on animal tissue.

Elastomer Chemical Compatibility

Elastomer chemical compatibility is an extremely important consideration when selecting the correct o-ring or seal component for an application which involves process or cleaning chemicals, ie. food, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical, paint and petrochemical industries.

PPE’s Material Technologists are experts in chemistry and elastomer characteristics, and are available to provide advice and assistance, or recommend suitable compounds for a particular application based on elastomer chemical compatibility.

O-Ring Manufacturer and O-Ring Supplier

FDA Seal

FDA seals are typically used in food, dairy and pharmaceutical plants and equipment. PPE offers the most comprehensive range of elastomer compounds of any o-ring and seal manufacturer, with over 350 different grades. If you require an FDA seal, PPE has over 40 FDA compliant elastomer grades to choose from. In addition, PPE has a selection of perfluoroelastomer FDA seal grades with FCN (Food Contact Notification) approval.

National o-ring

National o-ring standard sizes such as AS568a and AS4716 (American Standard) and BS1806 and BS4518 (British Standard) are commonly used throughout the world. Other less common national o-ring standards such as ‘R’ sizes are used in Europe. Non-standard o-ring sizes are generally referred to by their dimensions, given as; internal diameter x cross section, in either imperial or metric measurements. O-rings can be manufactured in a matter of days at PPE to any national o-ring standard size. Groove dimensions for these national o-ring standards can be quickly and easily obtained using the ‘Hardware Design Tool’ on PPE’s website.

O-Ring Chemical Compatibility

O-ring chemical compatibility is quick and easy to look up using the interactive wizard on PPE’s website. The chemical compatibility is calculated for each o-ring elastomer type by the wizard. Users can select particular chemicals which the wizard will work out the chemical compatibility score of each o-ring elastomer type against each chemical individually and overall. Once the most chemical compatible o-ring elastomer type has been established, the wizard then lists the most appropriate o-ring elastomer grades available. These grades can then be sorted and ranked by various criteria including temperature, hardness, colour, compression set, etc. This allows engineers to select the most suitable chemically compatible o-rings for a particular application.