Lancashire food is good and ready to be severed! We welcome you to this lovely lancashire place with a unique combination of good food and fine wine – The Three Fishes.

Finally its here good food lancashire people can devour with pride and keep up their Lancashire food spirits high. The Fishes has undergone a remarkable transformation since taken over by the Lancashire’s ace chef Nigel Haworth along with the support of the team from the nearby Michelin starred hotel Northcote Manor. It has become a sort of Lancashire food gastropub theme park. It is the sort of pub you’d turn up to a cozy ale.

Real good food

Lancashire chef Nigel Haworth has developed The Three Fishes food menu to fully embrace the flavours of regional cookery and British classics. Keeping the various aspects of good food into perspective he has appointed David Edward Head Chef, a highly skilled individual who joined the team in October 2004 from The Feathers Hotel in Woodstock, previous experience includes Angel Posting House & Livery, Guilford; Halcyon Hotel, London and Putney Bridge, London.

Feeling hungry already? Just drop in and we’ll be delighted to serve you.

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